Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Life is busy as always!

Our little Owen is sitting up! And he’s getting his first two teeth on the bottom. He shows new and improved coordination, and he’s much more intentional with his motor skills now. He's playing differently, and is almost always grabbing for new things. The OT says promising things about his progress. We've been working on the crawling stage. He is beginning to make small movements in that direction, but we're working to help him build up his shoulder strength.

He's been sick a lot lately. He has had congestion and a cough for almost a month now. His breathing has been labored at times, and he still has to do breathing treatments quite frequently. The doc says its going to be a tough winter for our little guy. When he struggles, for safety, we have to take him into the ER so his oxygen saturation levels can be checked. This last time we went, he was okay. They also tested him for RSV and the results were negative.

He hasn't been eating great due to his breathing struggles. Like the speech therapist says, "If he has to choose between eating and breathing, he's going to pick breathing." There have been ups and downs with his drinking from a straw cup. It has been nice though, to overall see him more motivated to drink. He's been trying new things to eat like peanut butter, guacamole, and hummus, and he's been eating foods with his mum mum's, celery sticks, and veggie straws. We're trying yogurt again. We're adding texture to his foods with crushed graham crackers. He's even been having cheese puffs to work on skill building.... We're always adding something.

He weighs 17lbs and 3oz. He's 26.25 inches long.

His follow up eye appointment went well. He has no scar tissue from the ROP. He has slight far sightedness in one eye and a slight astigmatism in the other. We'll take him back in a year for another checkup, and the hope is that both will improve with time and growth.

OT services have been helpful. We're learning lots of new ways to help him breathe easier through massage and positioning. She's also helping with the crawling efforts.

Daycare is still going well!

Owen had a nice Christmas!

 **Daniel and I can't seem to figure out how to add pictures to this new set up . we'll keep trying to figure it out . in the meantime check out Facebook . we'll try and add some there .