Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Owen is recovering well so far. He came back to his room with no ventilator attached! Our little guy wants nothing more to do with that device. He does have a cannula with an oxygen flow of .5 to help him breathe as long as he needs it. They are working to manage his pain. They watch his heartrate and his blood pressure to determine his pain level. When they're up, they give him some pain meds. Hopefully he'll need less and less. He looked comfortable when we left today. All of his blood levels were good. He'll be on IV fluids for a day or two until he recovers and they can start using the g tube.
Last night when they weighed him, he was at 6lbs and 12oz! He also had an eye test yesterday morning. His ROP condition has regressed so much that he will not have another exam for 6 months! That's great news. We're so happy that things went well today. Hopefully our sweet Owen will be coming home before too long. Please keep him in your prayers.

Surgery Success!!

Surgery went great today. They were able to complete everything laparoscopically so he should have minimal scarring. He also did well enough through surgery that they should be able to take him off the ventilator before returning him to his room. Owen's in a recovery room for about an hour to make sure he's breathing okay. So we're just waiting for our strong little guy to come back to us. We'll keep posting updates about his recovery. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts coming our way. It helped him through a successful surgery. He should wake up and finally not have anything taped to his face! He'll be a much happier baby.