Thursday, June 28, 2012

We've had a busy week...

The first steps service coordinator came over on Monday. We did all the paperwork to get things going, and the full developmental evaluation will be completed at the next appt with the neonatologists.

We completed an ages and stages questionnaire based on Owen's corrected age. He's on target with gross and fine motor skills, but the results revealed a 'need to monitor' in the areas of communication, problem solving, and personal/social. His needs with feeding fall under personal, and we've discussed services with a speech therapist and a nutritionist.

The appt with the neonatologists was moved up and is scheduled for this coming Monday. We are also eager to get the swallow study scheduled, and hope to accomplish that at the appt.

Wednesday was the appt with the pediatrician. We've been steadily increasing his amounts in feedings, and at that appt, he weighed 7lbs and 15oz. We won't be back there until the first week of August for his 6 mos checkup.

Thursday, we met with the Dr who did his gtube/nissen ssurgery. She said everything looked good. We meet back in a month to check on things with the gtube related needs. He weighed 8lbs and 1 oz at that appt.

Our little guy is doing well. He is a good baby! He's sure to let us know when he's uncomfortable or hungry, but he's pretty easily consoled. He smiles a lot; especially when we're telling him what a good baby he is, or how strong he is. He's been taking quite a bit more during his bottle feedings. He enjoys bath time. He loves listening to music; especially Chopin. He's also starting to move into the 0-3 mos size clothes now!