Thursday, May 10, 2012

Owen had a pretty good day today. He's been spitting up more since his last feeding increase to 45 ml. They took it back down to 40ml to see if that's the problem. The other issue however for today, is that they ran out of breastmilk and he was getting formula only. We made a second trip up there this evening to get him his breastmilk. We do have a whole deep freezer full, for goodness sake. We also have a new plan so that doesn't happen again.
Owen received less in his feedings today. Plus he spit a lot of it up. But he still gained weight. He's almost 5 and a half pounds.
He moved down on his flow today too! He's at 2!! If he does well, that means we get to move off the high flow cannula, and we get to work toward bottle feeding and then breast feeding.