Sunday, April 22, 2012

Owen is resting well now. He's had an overall restless day today. Early this morning he was very agitated and to the point of throwing up. They had to give him some versad to help him relax. They're working really hard to keep him from pulling his tube out. Our poor little guy wants to be done with the ventilator. He's a term baby now, and he's ready to be more active. That tube makes it hard for him to move around.
On Wednesday he'll start another steroid course, and if all goes well, they'll try him off the ventilator on Friday. Please pray for him and send him all the positive energy you can. Thursday the 26th was his due date. That was the initial talk of when he would come home. It looks like we've got a way to go.

He weighs 4lbs and 3oz.