Sunday, May 27, 2012

We had our care meeting Friday and it went a little differently than we anticipated. The doctors feel like Owen's reflux issues are severe enough to where he would benefit from having a g tube inserted in his stomach for feeding. This would allow his throat to heal and allow him to come home a lot sooner. They stressed the importance of a baby his age being home to improve his development and that if we did the surgery, he could come home as soon as two weeks after the procedure. This is a big decision to put Owen through a surgery like this, but the alternative is an indefinite stay in the hospital.

We're supposed to think about the surgery option over this weekend and let them know tomorrow what we have decided. Owen is doing a little better the last couple of days. He has been a lot more comfortable since being off the Reglan and he has been taken off his last diuretic too. He isn't doing any bottle feeding over the weekend because the speech therapists want to be there to assess him while feeding. We'll try to update again soon and share what we decide about surgery and when that will be. Thanks for all your support!!

 He's come a long way!!