Monday, April 16, 2012

Owen Copies his Parents and Decides to Move

Owen pulled his ventilator tube twice yesterday. The second time was in the middle of the night and it was difficult to get the same size tube back in his throat. Dr. Robinson at U of L was concerned this morning that his throat was still so swollen despite his steroid treatments. She called us both after morning rounds and suggested that we authorize a transfer to Kosair Children's Hospital to get a Bronchoscopy performed to see exactly what is causing his airway troubles.

Owen was whisked away to Kosair around noon today and he is resting comfortably in the enormous NICU there. It's the seventh largest in the country apparently and is so different than what we had at University. It's a big change for all of us and we're nervous and anxious to know what the outcome of these throat images will be. The procedure should happen around 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. We will be able to be with him the whole time. We'll try to post tomorrow to fill everyone in. We hope it's something on the more easily treatable end of the spectrum.

Kosair will more than likely be Owen's last stop before coming home. We have to say goodbye to all the NICU mom's at U of L Hospital tomorrow. There were some wonderful, caring ladies over there that we really grew to love, and you could tell they loved Owen too. It's pretty sad to leave them, but we know it's best for Owen to find out what's causing his airway problems. Another big day in the Owen saga. Say a little prayer for our little man!