Sunday, March 18, 2012

Owen has had a challenging day today. His ventilator is still down at 26 this evening, but they had to raise his oxygen some to help him breathe easier. They're going to test his blood in the morning. They believe his hemoglobin may be low and he may need some more blood. They do draw his blood at least one time per day to test his gases. Its likely that it is low. Its been awhile since they've given him blood.
He's hasn't been resting as well today, and of course when he's had a rough day, that means no kangaroo care :(
--Maybe tomorrow!

On a better note, he has gained more weight. He's up to 1230 grams, which is 2lbs and 11.75oz. He has also grown a half of an inch.
They raised his feed to 20ml from 19ml every 3 hrs today. He had his first reported spit up today. He also pooped so much that it came out of his diaper and soiled his cute little outfit. His digestive system is developing well.
We had two visits today. We sang songs together, and we talked about hopefully moving into our new home soon. We discussed the plans for the nursery and as always we focused on how exciting it will be when he gets to come home. Oh, the things we'll get to do!
It sure is hard for this mama to leave her baby. I guess I thought it would get easier. But the opposite is true. I suppose as your love for your baby doubles each day; so does the difficulty in parting ways.