Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I got to see my grandma and grandpa again! The last time I saw them, I was very small, and they couldn't even hold me.

I love snuggling with my new little friends!


I love sitting in my new bumbo chair. I feel like such a big boy. And I love being able to see all around.

We're still working hard on feedings without the Gtube. Currently we're having a hard time. There are lots of ups and downs in this process. Owen gives it his all, but has a hard time consistently consuming things via the bottle or the breast. Its hard to watch him seemingly want so much to eat in the natural way, and not be able to do so successfully.

We have a speech appt today at kosair. We meet for the initial first steps meeting on Friday. The nutritionist will be present. We can't wait to get started. We're hoping for steadier progress soon.

Yesterday, we had a hearing test. Owen previously passed the hearing test before he was discharged from the hospital. The repeated test was recommended due to risk associated with antibiotics that he had while in the NICU.  Owen was scheduled for testing yesterday based on his age and not his corrected age, so the procedure was a little challenging for him. They were only able to complete one side. He passed on that side. And he's scheduled to return in October for more developmentally appropriate testing.

Next Monday he goes back to the pediatrician. We're eager to see his new weight and length.