Monday, March 26, 2012

Our little Owen pulled his tube out yesterday and today. Yesterday before he pulled it out, he was all the way down to 15 on the ventilator. The doctors thought he would do well without, but he's still not there yet. They're saying its likely that his lungs have developed enough, but that he has swelling in his airways and that is keeping him from breathing well. Now he's back at 40 on the ventilator. He needs some time to re-stabilize. Then, they're going to give him steroids to get him ready for the next try. That'll probably happen in a week or so. He's gained weight the last two days despite the stress. He's at 1359 grams. Moving closer and closer to 3 lbs! His white blood cells are up. But they think that's due to the stress and not an early sign of infection. His hemoglobin levels are down. He now has an IV. They're giving him some blood.