Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Owen is doing pretty well. He's back down to 15 on the ventilator setting. His oxygen level is down to 21. And he didn't desat while we were there tonight. He weighs 1.86 kilograms. That's 4.1 pounds!!! They're starting him on some Zantac. The pulmonologist suggested it; saying it may be reflux that's causing the irritation in his airway. It's time to wait and see again. Looks like he is at kosair to stay. They feel with his difficulty getting off the vent and staying off, it would be best. All the specialists are there, they say, and it works better in his favor. Seems to me, he gets lost in the crowd there. He used to get so much attention at university. At kosair, there are so many babies, and so many more fragile than him. If nothing else, it helps me count our blessings. Things could always be more challenging. Please keep praying for him. Tomorrow he has another eye exam. And we don't yet know even a tentative plan toward extubation.