Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 Owen's wardrobe is expanding. He now has a "daytime outfit" as they say. We've never seen him in little pants. He's even moved up to sleepers with zippers instead of snaps only.
 He loves his paci. Its almost as big as his face. But he loves it!
He keeps moving along. Today his gases were good again and they moved the flow down to 3. They say that sometimes when they move the flow down, they have to increase the oxygen level. But so far they haven't had to do that with him. His oxygen remains at the room level.
He's doing better with his spit ups.
He's not gaining any weight lately, but he's not losing, and that's a big deal because he's using more energy, burning more calories being off the ventilator.
We're so happy he's doing so well! Hoping it continues. We want to bring our baby home soon!!