Thursday, June 28, 2012

We've had a busy week...

The first steps service coordinator came over on Monday. We did all the paperwork to get things going, and the full developmental evaluation will be completed at the next appt with the neonatologists.

We completed an ages and stages questionnaire based on Owen's corrected age. He's on target with gross and fine motor skills, but the results revealed a 'need to monitor' in the areas of communication, problem solving, and personal/social. His needs with feeding fall under personal, and we've discussed services with a speech therapist and a nutritionist.

The appt with the neonatologists was moved up and is scheduled for this coming Monday. We are also eager to get the swallow study scheduled, and hope to accomplish that at the appt.

Wednesday was the appt with the pediatrician. We've been steadily increasing his amounts in feedings, and at that appt, he weighed 7lbs and 15oz. We won't be back there until the first week of August for his 6 mos checkup.

Thursday, we met with the Dr who did his gtube/nissen ssurgery. She said everything looked good. We meet back in a month to check on things with the gtube related needs. He weighed 8lbs and 1 oz at that appt.

Our little guy is doing well. He is a good baby! He's sure to let us know when he's uncomfortable or hungry, but he's pretty easily consoled. He smiles a lot; especially when we're telling him what a good baby he is, or how strong he is. He's been taking quite a bit more during his bottle feedings. He enjoys bath time. He loves listening to music; especially Chopin. He's also starting to move into the 0-3 mos size clothes now!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Owen weighs 7lbs and 11oz. He's doing so well with his weight gain that we may not be able to keep the kind service of our friendly home nurse. Owen is doing the same with his bottle feedings. He works really hard to consume his food that way, but its so darn thick that it barely comes through the extra cross cut nipple. We're so hoping and praying for a significant improvement to be revealed in the next swallow study. If aspiration is no longer an issue with thinner fluids, he'll get to bottle feed with breast milk and start work with breast feeding. The day of decreased needs with the gtube will be very exciting. The next swallow study will be scheduled at the upcoming appt with the neonatolgists. That appt is on July 11.

Monday, we meet with the first steps service coordinator. We're optimistic with first steps being involved. -And having a service coordinator is the coolest  :)

Wed is the appt with the pediatrician. Thursday is the follow up with the doctor who did the gtube/nissen surgery.

-Its hard to keep the blog updated these days. Life is busy in a whole new way! We'll work on adding something once or twice a week. We take tons of pictures, so if nothing else, we'll regularly post the new ones.
As always, thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things are going well. We all seem to be adjusting better. Owen is sleeping much more these days. They said he should sleep about 18 hours a day. I'd say he's close to that, if not there. The gtube feedings are pretty time consuming. For him, of course, he only has to struggle with the getting it going, and then the finishing up. For us, every four hours, for hour long feedings are pretty challenging. Not to mention the juggling act of pumping breast milk every 4-5 hrs. Its difficult, but insignificant in comparison to the joy of having him home, getting to hold him whenever we want, kissing his little face as often as we'd like, and having the overall privilege of caring for him.

Monday, the home health nurse comes again. Next week, he sees his pediatrician again, and then has a follow up with the surgeon who did the gtube/nissen procedure. The ball is rolling with first steps. Hopefully, we'll soon have a speech therapist coming out to the house to help with bottle feeding.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun floor time

Tummy Time

First Little Stroll

He started out wide awake and was taking it all in...

By the end, however, he was fast asleep.

Things went well with the Dr's appt and during his visits from the home health nurse. He weighs seven and a half pounds! He's also 20 and 1/4 inches! Our little growing boy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Things are going well. Owen is getting used to his new home. Last night, he did much better with his sleeping. The home nurse came today and he weighs 7.1 lbs. Tomorrow he has his first appt with his new pediatrician.

First bath at home

Boppy time

 Nap Time

 Feeding Time

Friday, June 8, 2012

New pictures from the hospital....

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password is MCOL0205Hammond

Owen is Home!!! Finally!!

Today we had the last few visits by the doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and home health personnel at Kosair. There are a lot of people involved in caring for these little babies. We were cleared to leave at about 1:00 PM today and got Owen home just in time for us to give him his first feeding on our own. It's funny after almost 4 months since Owen was born to come home with him and feel like we just got thrown into parenting. Luckily we were so well-prepared for dealing with his feeding tube at Kosair. We only had a couple milk spills while we fumbled around with his feeding gear.

Thank you for all the support along the way. We wouldn't have made it without all the thoughts and prayers, the gifts and food, and all the other things our friends anf family have done for us. We feel so thrilled to finally be able to start bonding with our little guy and watch him grow every day.

This is Owen right after his first photo session this morning with Bella photography. He was really good for the pictures. His outfit was very cute, but even the newborn size was a little big for him.

Owen getting his first meal at home. I think this rocker swing will be a big hit. He falls right to sleep.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Owen passed his car seat test. He stayed in it contently for an hour and a half with no desats! We're getting closer!!

The paci helped!

These sunglasses looked so small in the store. They look so big on him.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things look to be lining up nicely for Owen to come home! He is recovering well, and he gets his sutures out today. He's had some redness around the placement of the tube. They gave him some antibiotic to be sure its not infection, and today they say its looking much better. He's tolerating his feedings well so far. He's up to 60ml and the feeding time has been cut down from 2 hrs to 1 hr. He's also feeding less frequently. He's moved from every 3 hrs to every 4 hrs. Monday, they'll try the bottle feeding again with the speech therapist
He passed his hearing test. He's off the pulmicort - No more meds for breathing and lung development.
Yesterday they started discussing discharge planning with us. They reviewed the steps and talked like it would be soon! We're working hard to get our ducks in a row. We went and purchased our first box of diapers. We got him a cute outfit for his pictures which will be taken at the hospital before he comes home. We're getting the car seat ready for the big test at the hospital. We're trying to get his room and the rest of the house in order.  
Its very exciting!! We're praying things comes together and he's home very soon