Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things are going well. We all seem to be adjusting better. Owen is sleeping much more these days. They said he should sleep about 18 hours a day. I'd say he's close to that, if not there. The gtube feedings are pretty time consuming. For him, of course, he only has to struggle with the getting it going, and then the finishing up. For us, every four hours, for hour long feedings are pretty challenging. Not to mention the juggling act of pumping breast milk every 4-5 hrs. Its difficult, but insignificant in comparison to the joy of having him home, getting to hold him whenever we want, kissing his little face as often as we'd like, and having the overall privilege of caring for him.

Monday, the home health nurse comes again. Next week, he sees his pediatrician again, and then has a follow up with the surgeon who did the gtube/nissen procedure. The ball is rolling with first steps. Hopefully, we'll soon have a speech therapist coming out to the house to help with bottle feeding.