Monday, May 7, 2012

Owen had a good day! They moved him back down again on his flow to 2.5. He kept pulling out the cannula and breathing fine without it. They would go in randomly to check on him and it would be on top of his nose. If he can breathe without it completely for indefinite amounts of time, they figured he could be moved down a bit. It may have to be turned up during assessments and such. He does not like being messed with.
His eye exam went well today. The ROP condition is still regressing. Not another test for 2 weeks. They've increased his feedings to 45 ml and adjusted all his medications based on his growth. He's at 5.16 lbs.
When we went to see him this evening, he looked so good! He was resting well and tolerated his assessment well. His color looked good. His skin looked and smelled very nice, and his little cheeks look a little chubby. We got to see several smiles and were even able to catch a few in pictures.