Thursday, May 31, 2012

Owen is moving right along. He hasn't had any strong pain meds since 1:45 am today. They are still giving him tylenol, and he seems pretty content. This evening he was very awake and engaged in interaction with us. He was looking around, watching people move around in the hallway, listening to music, and watching his mobile.
They started using the g tube today. He's on continuous feeds with breastmilk only as of now. Slowly they will build up the amounts and shorten the time frame. Then they will assess needs with combining the formula again. Next they'll begin the bottle feedings. He's done with the IV. They removed it at 10pm tonight.
He's maintaining weight well. He actually gained yesterday, but that was due to the fluids. Today he's just a tad more than the day before. Still around 6 lbs and 12 oz.
The nurse prac said today that if he keeps progressing this well, we'll talk about discharge planning next week. We're so excited. Hoping and praying he comes home soon!
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.