Friday, May 18, 2012

Our sweet little Owen had a swallow study and an upper GI today. The upper GI was normal, but the swallow study showed some aspiration. He will have to have a thicker feeding. They're going to add rice cereal and they're going to increase the bottle feeding to two times per day. We're going to work on building up his skills and his muscle development.
The nurse prac said this is what we're waiting on to send him home. Looks like as soon as he gets the feeding down, it'll be time for homecoming. Can't wait!!
He's still doing well without the breathing treatments. He only desats when he's upset; like when he's getting his diaper changed for example. Monday, the plan is to discontinue the caffeine or the diuretic.
He continues to grow....
We're getting closer and closer. Praying all goes well and its not too much longer.