Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday Owen started the steroid that he can safely be on for a longer period of time. He also had his eyes tested again, and they are more improved!! This morning they shared that he was having a more difficult day. The steroids seem to be making him more irritable and restless. He turned his head today and managed to get his tube out again. They were able to put back in the larger size tube, which helps him breathe better, and also means the steroid is working. His airways aren't as swollen. They weren't able to put that size in when they reintubated him this last time because his airways were so swollen. They've upped his feedings again. He's at 30ml now. He's maintaining weight despite the diuretic. Tonight we got a call from the nurse manager. One of the nurses who regularly works with Owen has shingles. The entire section of the NICU that she worked in is at risk, but Owen is more so, because she often works directly with him, and because she did so when he was off the ventilator. That made him more open and susceptible. The nurse manager asked me if I had chicken pox. She shared that since I have, he is a little less susceptible. He's now in isolation. When we visit we have to wear rubber gloves, face masks, and covering for our clothes. If he has the virus it will be in incubation until Sunday. They're running tests, but the accuracy of them is weak at this point because the steroids mask it. So we have to kind of wait and see. They say this has happened a few other times in the last ten years or so, and the babies have not been infected. Please pray for Owen. He's pretty compromised. Chicken pox would not be an easy journey for him.