Saturday, July 21, 2012

 I love snoozing

 I'm still working hard to master the art of holding my paci in my mouth

It's been a good week! Owen had his outpatient speech appt at Kosair and it was helpful. That same day, we had an OT come out from First Steps to do a discipline-specific eval, and she said within the first 10 minutes that he qualifies for first steps services. We're so happy! relieved.
We got a lot of instruction on ways to increase Owen's positive oral experiences and ways to help him be more organized with his oral motor functioning. Since then, he has been doing better with his bottle, and tonight he even did a little breast feeding!

This coming Tues, he goes back to the Kosair speech therapist. It may take a bit for first steps to get started, so we're going to stick with that in the meantime. And we'll probably make an appt soon with the lactation consultants there at Kosair. We also look forward to having a nutritionist through first steps.

 He weighs 9lbs and 11oz!! He's 21.5 inches long!

This coming Wed, he goes to the Gtube clinic. We had a scary experience with the Gtube the other night. Once a week we have to check the inflation level of the balloon inside that holds it in his stomach. If you don't hold the button on the surface in place, as you deflate the balloon inside to check the level, it will come out. --- IT CAME OUT! Somehow we remained calm enough to get a new one from the closet and get it back in place. We called the next day to ask about it and make sure we didn't need to be watching for anything. They said it sounded like we did everything right.

We visited one of the daycares that provide care for little ones with special medical needs. It was very nice and the people who work there seem great. They made a big deal out of him and said they can’t wait to spoil him. We got things started with registration there, and received info on how to apply for Medicaid. Again, Humana doesn’t cover it, and even if we somehow had the money to pay for this kind of care, they don’t take private pay. So here in the near future, we’ll be taking a trip to the good ole L&N building….fun, fun.
We’re also going to check out the other childcare center.