Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Owen had his eye test yesterday. Last night we got the news that he has ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). They let us know that this is a common condition in preemies, but they don't usually see it in the first eye test that they routinely do at ~6 wks. They're concerned about the condition and are going to monitor it closely. A different doctor is going to do another test on thursday or friday. If the condition has worsened, then he will most likely be transferred to kosair children's to see the "world recognized" eye doctor for preemies. This doctor will then assess the condition and determine the possible need for him to have eye surgery. They explained that on one extreme things could stay where they are and not lead to any problems, but at the other end, the current state could lead to blindness. Of course, in between those extremes, he could lose peripheral vision among various other possibilities. On a much better note, he is doing well with his breathing. He hasn't pulled his tube out today. They put it in a little farther, which appears to bother him some, but works well as a detterent for him extubating himself. The tube is also a little smaller to cause less irritation to his trachea. He seems to be working a little harder to breath, but he is successful with decreased desats. They're going to keep moving the ventilator down and testing his gases. If he keeps doing well, they're going to give him the steroid course and then they will take the ventilator out. He looks well and is resting well. They share that the blood transfusion was successful. He now weighs just over three pounds!!! Please keep him in your prayers!!