Saturday, May 12, 2012

Million Dollar Baby!!! (So Far)

Owen is once again trying to take matters into his own hands, literally. He decided that he was done with his oxygen yesterday and pulled the nasal cannula out of his nose. He was doing so well that the nurses and doctors decided to leave it out and see how he does. Well now he's on day two without oxygen support and he's doing really well! And in even bigger news he successfully took 10 cc's of his milk from a bottle tonight. They said they may try the same amount tomorrow, but may do it at two different feedings if he handles it well. He's made a lot of big steps in just a couple days. I think he's trying to impress his Mom for Mother's Day. Pretty sweet gift if I say so myself.

Owen's first bottle. He did really well. The nurse said he knew just what he was doing. He got a little messy, but that's normal. He swallowed well. No spit ups. No desats. He burped nicely.
We're so excited!!