Friday, June 22, 2012

Owen weighs 7lbs and 11oz. He's doing so well with his weight gain that we may not be able to keep the kind service of our friendly home nurse. Owen is doing the same with his bottle feedings. He works really hard to consume his food that way, but its so darn thick that it barely comes through the extra cross cut nipple. We're so hoping and praying for a significant improvement to be revealed in the next swallow study. If aspiration is no longer an issue with thinner fluids, he'll get to bottle feed with breast milk and start work with breast feeding. The day of decreased needs with the gtube will be very exciting. The next swallow study will be scheduled at the upcoming appt with the neonatolgists. That appt is on July 11.

Monday, we meet with the first steps service coordinator. We're optimistic with first steps being involved. -And having a service coordinator is the coolest  :)

Wed is the appt with the pediatrician. Thursday is the follow up with the doctor who did the gtube/nissen surgery.

-Its hard to keep the blog updated these days. Life is busy in a whole new way! We'll work on adding something once or twice a week. We take tons of pictures, so if nothing else, we'll regularly post the new ones.
As always, thanks for the thoughts and prayers.