Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A short clip

Owen was discovering the benefits of moving his lips without a big tube in the way. He was busy blowing bubbles with his slobber. It was so cute!

Owen's off the Ventilator!!!

They took him off the ventilator at 1:30 today. He's on a high flow nasal cannula. His oxygen level with that is as low as it was on the ventilator. They've checked his blood gases and monitored his levels. All is well. We went up early today and took it all in. He was resting very well. A couple of times he managed a little squeak through his sneezes, but he hasn't found his sound yet in crying. We can't wait to hear his cries.
He's using more energy to breath. He had a little more difficulty maintaining his temperature, but he was bundled up a little more and did well staying warm. They'll be checking his weight later tonight. He's burning more calories now, so he may lose a little weight.
They'll check his blood gases again in the morning. We're hoping and praying that he continues to do well.

Owen is down to 10 on the ventilator. They report that he handled the decrease with ease, and they may extubate him later today. I'm so excited and so nervous. Please pray for our little guy.