Thursday, April 12, 2012

We're still on the roller coaster....

Owen is back on the ventilator. He did well without it for about 16 hours, but had a drop in his breathing abilities and they put him back on. Yesterday was a rough day. It was hard to put the tube back in with the swelling in his airways. His lungs look good and seem to be functioning well. Its his airways that continue to make it difficult for him to breath. He's back on steroids to help with the immediate anti-inflammatory efforts. They brought in a pediatric pulmonologist, and are looking at a longer acting steroid that's safe for him to stay on until the next extubation. The hope is to give it another week and then try it again after the swelling in his airways has decreased.
He weighs 3 lbs and almost 12 oz. He's still growing. His blood counts are good today. He's been resting well.